Hi, I'm Loren

My passion for design began when I created my very first website in Microsoft Frontpage at age 8.

That said, I went on to become a project manager in the creative localization industry for a few years out of my interests in foreign languages and international organizations. I got to contribute to global campaigns on accounts such as Twitch, Oculus, and Google Fitbit, working with cross-functional teams, collaborating with creative freelancers worldwide.

The part of me that thrives on designing and creating things led me back to study digital design at Pratt Institute, where I devoted myself to mastering digital design. I've also completed a UX intensive program. And I've since worked as a freelance designer, creating websites for clients in Webflow.

Through working with users and trying to come up with creative solutions to their problems, I've discovered my interests in designing tech-driven products that empowers individuals and teams alike to work in a more pleasant and efficient way.

Some of my favorite books